Master class

Would you like to try on a helmet and shoot a crossbow like a real Russian knight?

Otherwise, do you want to try making felt boots?

All this and much more you can do in Kupino Traditional Culture and Crafts Center. In the Center you can see the life of first settlers of this place, ancient weapons, agricultural implements and a host of other things. An amazing wool-beating machine for crafting felt boots makes a special impression on visitors. But most importantly, all the exhibits can be touched, taken in hand and even tried on!

The workshops is the best part of excursion. There you can work on a pottery and weaving machine, make something from straw, beads or other material. What souvenir can be better than the one made with your own hands?

    Look around! What a wonderful world of plants surrounds us!  We suggest you change an ordinary black tea with herbal drinks. So, you can not only have fun, but also strengthen your health.

    In Kupino Healing herbs workshop you can not only learn what forest, field and meadow herbs were useful for Russian peasants, but also enjoy the taste and aroma of magic twelve herbs tea. Have tea with sugar, nibbling sugar or sugarless, with cracknel and bread rings, branded Kupino pies!

   We suggest you to craft an unique herbal tea as a souvenir, pack it in a branded bag and take the bag with you.

At the master class you get;

  •  fabric
  •  threads
  • decor
  • embroidery needle
  • dried aroma herb

   While crafting of pillow, you will learn the technique of canvas-work. Canvas-work is the creation of a pattern on a fabric or canvas using a needle and various threads. There are many techniques of canvas-work. People often use a simple cross or half cross.

   Canvas-work is one of the oldest types of needlework. Many women around the world are obsessed with it.

   We will share the secrets of craftsmanship, tell you about available materials, teach you how to make paper tubes that imitate a vine and show how to paint a product. You will take home a handmade souvenir. Good mood, pleasure from the craft and pleasant emotions are guaranteed!

In the pottery workshop, master classes are held on creating simple clay products. It does not require special skills and abilities. Children and adults can attend such a lesson to create a beautiful product with their own hands, decorate their home with clay products and present them to loved ones.

Visit a master class on clay modeling and experience the miraculous quality of natural material, charge with positive energy, please yourself and your loved ones with original products.

   There visitors create an unique fish on wooden templates using acrylic paints. You can express your vision of this artistic image.

   The master class attracts both adults and children. Whatever the age, one thing is clear: drawing is a vital need for everybody.

     Visitors see how the craftsman work with canvas and get a great desire to try it with their own hands. Weaving is an ancient craft. People want to weave the canvas with their own hands. On the machine you can create an unique, artistic canvas. The pattern on the fabric depends on your idea and imagination.

What could be tastier than handmade fire-cooked soldier’s porridge?

We do not know how people cook porridge in other parts of the world, but Kupino porridge has its own unique way of cooking.

We will hold a master class, teach you how to cook porridge and you will take part in a cooking of this dish!

It’s as simple as that. You will study how to make a clay toy in this workshop!

A horse, a cat, a dog … anything you want!